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The Police Courses and training directory have established a number of links with local colleges, universities and businesses to help potential candidates prepare themselves for the police recruitment process or for those who are already in the policing environment but still wish to undertake further studies.

The police directory contains links to internationally recognised certification and training courses. These courses are developed by experts in the fields of police and certified instructors will help you through the interviews and interrogations processes whether it is for the promotion you have always wanted or applying for the police initial recruitment test.

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Welcome to Police Courses Website
Police Courses is the UK's leading Police Training Course site which provides online training informtation resource for the police services. Police Courses will provide you with details of training courses available for potential police officers, police probationary officers, and police officers of all ranks.

  Further Education
If you are thinking of applying for the police, it may be useful to undertake an access course that will help you to prepare for the standard entry test. Police Courses include details of many higher education and University courses for police officers to be able to improve their level of knowledge and understanding of the complexities of policing.

  Police Courses and Training

The Police Courses Index has an independent database of training providers and management development courses ... including many Initial Recreutiment training courses. See our Courses index where you will find a number of links with local colleges and businesses to help potential candidates prepare themselves for the police recruitment process. These courses are aimed to help you:
  • Acquire the proper knowledge to understand the role of a police officer.
  • Improve your self-confidence and your personal presentation skills so that you can pe prepared to face the everyday challenges.
  • Advice and assistance with the police physical fitness test and
  • Development of numeracy and literacy skills which is an important chapter in the Police recruitment process.
  Police Books

Check out the Police Books section for some of the reference and training books available for those thinking about joining the Police, or for serving Police Officers, Special Constables and civilian police employees or those who wants to enrol for the police intial recruitment test.

These Police Books will help potential candidates to unlock the secrets of success.

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